We are proud to be a local advocate for sustainability.

Each product you see on our website is made on-demand—once you place an order, we produce it specifically for you. That means less waste and more resources used responsibly. We also partner with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree for every item sold, so you know your purchase is helping the environment and creating jobs for social impact.

We work to limit production waste. Did you know that around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental pollution? It's true! And we think it's terrible. That's why we work with on-demand suppliers, we only produce items we get an order for, avoiding textile waste from overproduction.

Our fabrics include a mix of 100% premium organic cotton and recycled polyester (rPET) made from the recycling of plastic bottles, and are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and GRS (Global Recycling Standard) respectively.