The Story

138 stands for 1 sentence, 3 words, 8 letters: I love you. 138 is founded on a mission to bring people closer together through wellness, kindness, and empathy.

The idea for 138 was born amidst the global pandemic, inspired by an effort to provide an eco-friendly alternative. When the lockdown hit, the first thing people across the globe did was seek comfort and retire their formal wear for comfort wear. This in turn played a part in further fueling fast fashion, a major contributor to environmental pollution.  

Enter, 138; made-to-order sustainable apparel that's affordable, and designed for comfort. Our environmentally friendly clothing is probably the most comfortable tool for spreading love in town.

Our goal is to amplify the voice of kindness, empathy, and love through our products. We believe that to truly live well one has to aim for a balance in how to play, move, grow, rest, and connect. That's exactly why we are a 4-Day workweek, WFA (Work From Anywhere) company. 

It's time we say #notoextremes. 

For any questions, or inquiries please contact us below!

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