The Story


When you get to the heart of it, what really matters is connection.

Our name comes from a phrase that has been passed down from generation to generation: "I love you." It's simple, elegant, and can't be misinterpreted or misused.

That's why we chose the number 138 as our namesake—because it represents something so pure and perfect.

At 138, we believe that when you're connected to yourself and others, life can be so much more fulfilling. That's why we're dedicated to helping people get closer together through wellness, kindness, and empathy.

It all started with a flower delivery service—a way to bring people together in a time of great division and social distancing. But when the lockdown hit, people retired their formal wear for comfort wear. This in turn played a part in further fueling fast fashion—a major contributor to environmental pollution.

So we decided to pivot: instead of flower deliveries, we'd make made-to-order sustainable apparel that's affordable and designed for comfort. Our environmentally friendly clothing is probably the most comfortable tool for spreading love in town!

We believe that true well-being means finding a balance between play, movement, growth, rest, and connection with those around you.